The Bearded Ladies Consulting

On friday (the 18th) The Bearded Ladies and PlayStation Community Team invites you to change the way the world thinks about gamedevelopment!

This project is our way to invite all the bedroom developers in the world over to help us shape our next title. Starting this Friday we will post a new challenge to the PlayStation Forum every week. These challenges will cover a range of topics such as hero design, art-direction and game mechanics brainstorming. The Bearded Ladies will keep the boring stuff in-house and by the end of the project we will release the final game on PS3™ and PSP™.

Anyone can submit ideas via the PlayStation Forum and each week the best ones will be posted to this facebook page where a public vote will decide which idea is used. If your idea makes it through to the final game, your name will be added to the end credits, ensuring bragging rights and apossible first step on the game development career ladder.

All contributions are welcome, whether they be text or graphic based, and feel free to post additional suggestions – who knows, if they prove popular enough andcan be slotted in, The Bearded Ladies Consulting will do its best to add them in and credit you accordingly.

We are pumped, stocked up on coffee and ready at our keyboards. We hope you are too and that we will see some awesome ideas for the first challenge this weekend.

See you friday!

- The Bearded Ladies

Landit bandit

Pipe Madness is our homage to our favorite puzzle game, the classic amiga game “Pipe Mania” (also known as Pipe Dreams on C64 and others).

We noticed there was no downloadeable version on PSN and so we contacted the original creators and got their permission to make our game (awesome guys btw).

We stuck very close to the source, since it's more or less perfect. We did however want to reward taking risks somewhat more, so we added special bonuses for making long and complex pipe systems. We ended up with a classic mini for anyone with a PS3 or PSP.

Released Jan 4, 2011.

Landit bandit

Landit bandit is a “casual-helicopter-adventure-game” for the PlayStation®3.The game combines modern game technology and a retro punch for a unique experience. It features a single player campaign, a splitscreen co-op campaign and a splitscreen duel mode, as well as to compete with your friends and foes on the online highscore tables.

The game will be available via the PlayStation®Store.

Released July 13, 2010.

Visit the official site here: